Andres Blanco

Research Economist and Associate Advisor Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Visiting professor at Emory University 

Office: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

1000 Peachtree Street, NE

9th Floor, Room 9.380

Atlanta, GA, 30309

Phone: 404-498-7986


I am a macroeconomist working on the aggregate implications of frictions at the micro-level. My research agenda aims to answer policy-relevant questions by providing measurements of new facts, developing theories, and testing their quantitative relevance. I study: (i) the role of price-setting for inflation dynamics and monetary policy, (ii) the role of inflation in labor markets, and (iii) the role of investment frictions for aggregate capital dynamics and macroeconomic outcomes. 


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Views are my own and do not necessarily reflects those of the Board of Governors or the Federal Reserve System